February 28, 2007

Miss one, get three!

I missed Paul Nation in Tokyo the other day, but thanks to sista k, I discovered
  1. a link to a TESOL online webcast Nation did recently
  2. sista k's blog Teaching to Learn
  3. Japan Action Research, another EFL-er in Japan who is interested in vocabulary learning and teaching, and actually quotes a Question and Answer from Paul Nation's online TESOL vocabularly seminar
Miss one, get three free!


Sista K said...

i knew you and Japan Action Research would like each other!!! Glad you found one another!

Steve Herder said...

Hi MP,

We should talk. Feel free to skype me any time. Search Steve Herder or bluesteed.


BTW, Very impressed with your blog

Steve N said...

Hi Marco Polo,

Finally something I can comment on;-)

Just wanted to let you know that I double-checked and Paul Nation is indeed returning to Tokyo for JALT2007 (no HTML?) in November.

Other confirmed plenaries include Amy Tsui — University of Hong Kong, John Norris — University of Hawaii, Ronald Carter — University of Nottingham.

Marco Polo said...

Thanks Steve N. Does JALT 2007 have its own website yet? Blogger comments support simple HTML like links.

And thanks, Steve Herder. I shall by Skyping you anon.

Steve N said...

A little late, but here it is:


Only the theme and intro have been published so far; no speakers yet.