February 02, 2006

More on Littky

Google has helped me find some more articles about the Met School and Dennis Littky and the Big Picture Company and Elliot Washor, some of which I blogged previously.
Here are some more:
One student at a time: a deeply personalized Public High School

Standards and Variation - standards as opposed to standardization, a paper by Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski

Personalized Learning: Preparing HS students to create their futures, by Elliot Washor

Integrating Youth Development on Behalf of Vulnerable Youth: (PDF file) here's an excerpt that caught my eye - College retention represents another significant leakage point in the pipeline.... Of those students who enroll in college, only about 50% actually complete a bachelor's degree within 6 years... Colleges are struggling with the dual challenges of remediation and retention as increasing numbers of students arrive on campus under-prepared.

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