January 30, 2006

Safe audio/ video hosting?

This is a request for information. I'm looking for a free online webhost that provides hosting for audio and video files behind a password / membership wall. In other words, files uploaded are not viewable/listenable by the whole world, but only by people who have signed up to join the group. I know Yahoo! Groups offers this, but the amount of space available is limited, and audio and video files take up a lot of space.

Any suggestions?


EFL Geek said...

I've heard things about youtube but other than that I dont' think you'll be able to find what you are looking for.

I would recommend getting your own web hosting space. It can be had for well under us$100 per year. If you want advice or help drop me a line

Graham said...

Hi Marco

Largefilestransfer may be able to help you with this. You could try posting a comment there, or looking through the past entries to see if there's anything posted that does what you want to do.