January 16, 2006

Blogs and podcasts (2)

Update to Autono Blogger: Blogs and podcasts - what's the difference?.

Another reason I am listening to podcasts more and reading fewer blogs is that I can save time. I can listen to podcasts while on the move, and or doing something else (tho I do have a hard time walking and chewing gum).

Wow, I'm just fizzing with startling insights today.

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aaron said...

Hmmm...interesting. I find that my lifestyle and pace of action is such that I don't have so much time for podcast listening. What I like about reading RSS feeds is that I can scan and skim as quickly as I want, covering a lot more ground in a given amount of time. I can also copy, paste, and file things away in text, and then search with keywords later. I suppose this is possible with audio files, just not as efficient?

Anyway, I recognize the quality of a good recording: it captures tone and context in a way that text cannot. I should try and make more time for listening to podcasts. Any recommendations?