August 24, 2005

VARK Questionnaire Results

Thanks to Sarolta and Nancy for the links
VARK Questionnaire Results: "Your scores were:
Visual: 5
Aural: 2
Read/Write: 2
Kinesthetic: 4
You can find more information about your learning preferences in our book:
How Do I Learn Best?
a student's guide to improved learning
More Information...

You have a multimodal (VK) learning preference.
Use the following helpsheets for study strategies that apply to your learning preferences:"

Hmm. I'm more Kinesthetic than I thought.
Altho I'm interested in learning styles (and Multiple Intelligences), I'm not convinced of how useful it is to know my students' learning styles (tho I do think it's potentially useful for them to realize at least there there ARE such things as different learning styles, and perhaps for them to begin to find out what their own style might be).

So I was happy to read this article by Prof of Education James Atherton, which tells me learning styles don't matter!

And here's a book that I found very interesting. That reminds me, I planned to visit the website and take the online survey. Hey, that was only 5 months ago!!

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Brian said...

Thanks for the interesting material in your site. I was struck by the ideas around learning styles and wrote some of my own thoughts here: